Honey Breeding

  • Astragalus honey

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    Useful for skin & liver

    $ 22.50
  • Black seed honey

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    Treatment of Osteoarthritis, memory Improvement, Asthma, Increase in mothers’Milk


    $ 13.75$ 27.50
  • Crystallized honey

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    Digestion , Energy providers

    $ 21.25
  • Dalahoo honey

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    Strengthening The Immune system

    $ 27.50
  • Genou Honey

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    (Useful for nerves ,Strengthen the Body)

    Honey as a Rich Source of Antioxidants

    Scientist believe that antioxidant rich foods boost our immune system against cancer, chronic diseases and cellular fatalities. Studies show numerous components of honey have potential antioxidant properties. The number and diversity of these antioxidants depend largely on the geographical origin and the flora used by the bees. Generally speaking dark honeys are richer in antioxidants than light color honeys.

    Honey and the Helpful Bacteria for the Body

    One class of bacteria useful for the intestines are called helpful bacteria. An increase in the population of such bacteria (and reduction of harmful bacteria) will benefit the digestive system strongly. While stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and preventing the growth of vile ones, honey contributes to the health of the digestive system. Studies in Michigan University indicated a boost in the life and activity of useful bacteria of the body for those who added honey to their consumed fermented dairies like yoghurt.


    Honey and Calcium Absorption

    The majority of aging people suffer from osteoporosis. A key strategy for fighting osteoporosis is calcium use but a very important point is bodily calcium absorption. Honey increases calcium absorption.

    Honey and the Diabetics             

    In the past the diabetics were advised to refrain from use of simple sugars. It was believed that such sugars led to sudden surge in blood glucose and increased the need for insulin. Some even believed that diabetes could develop from simple sugars consumption (not verified by scientific studies). In fact studies showed that some of the compound carbohydrates increased blood sugar more than the simple sugars. We could say honey raises blood sugar less than starchy substances like bread. It has been proved that in general what matters is the amount of consumed carbohydrate than the type of carbohydrate. Experts believe the diabetics can include limited and balanced amounts of simple sugars in their diet.



    $ 13.75$ 27.50
  • Ghalikooh Honey

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     Tonic , Energy providers

    $ 16.87$ 33.75
  • Hezargoll honey

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    Useful avuncular growth & strengthen the body

    $ 12.50$ 25.00
  • Honey With Wax

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    Stomach Tonic,  Useful for Digestion

    To treat ailments like allergy, blood clots, burns, bruises, cuts, cancer, exhaustion, respirational problems, acne, skin disorders, cough, infection, cold, flu, high blood pressure, shingles, wounds and liver problems.

    $ 20.00
  • Jujube honey

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    Hematopoietic, Sexual Enhancer



    $ 14.37$ 28.75
  • Kid’s Honey

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    Honey is useful in preventing child anemia. Due to its antiseptic properties, honey is also useful for the treatment of mild inflammatory diarrhea.

    Note: Honey should not be given to children under one year of age

    $ 18.75
  • Kurdistan Honey

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    Treatment of Asthma & Bronchitis

    $ 26.25
  • Lavender honey

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    Useful for nerves

    $ 25.00