Wild Honey

  • Ferula honey

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    Anti blood-Sugar, Hematopoietic, Energy providers

    Poppy and Ferula Wild Honey

    It is best Iranian wild honey from North Khorasan Province highlands.

    This region in Iran, with more than 200 species of wild and medicinal herbs, predominantly poppy and ferula produces the best honey for promotion of immune system and prevention and treatment of all diseases, especially infectious diseases.


    $ 57.50
  • Maku Honey

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    One of the purest and most special honeys from West Azerbaijan Province is the Ararat wild honey. It is a medicine for many ailments and diseases.


    $ 30.00$ 65.00
  • Mountain Uraman honey

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    Wild Honey from Owraman Region

    Owraman is one of the most virgin areas in the west of Iran comprising of mountainous regions in Kurdistan. It is an ideal habitat for wild bees which produce one of the best types of honey from wild and medicinal plants. Wild honey is recommended for treatment of ailments and inabilities.


    $ 28.50$ 61.75
  • ُSpecial Honey

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    This honey has a wide range of properties. Used during and after the treatment of chronic illnesses 

    $ 72.50